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About Riccarton Florist - About Us

Riccarton Florist was once a small flower shop located at 147 Coopers Lane, West End, Timaru, 7910. It was a family business founded by Joe Byrne who was working as a news transcriptionist at that time.

Byrne had a knack in growing and taking care of flowers. He can name almost all types of flowers there are, not only in New Zealand.

The Inspiration Behind Riccarton Florist

When he was young, Byrne’s parents were field workers at a nearby flower field in their hometown. Every day, his parents would bring home freshly picked flowers to be displayed at the dining room table.

They didn’t have much but they were happy and those flowers became a strong representation of their simple yet satisfying life.

Fast Forward to 2012

In 2012, Byrne built a small shed in front of their house to serve as a small store to sell flowers. He only sold a couple of flowers including Purple Hebes and Coprosmas. Byrne didn’t sell every day given that he only had a small field.

With that, Byrne decided to expand and asked other florists to outsource their retail operation to him. So, that is what he did. He sold flowers online to the people in Timaru, South Island.

Byrne was then recognised as one of the best entrepreneurs in town and his flower retail business idea was a big success.

Riccarton Florist

Riccarton Florist is one of the top, if not the best online flower retailers in New Zealand. We are active in several cities including Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and more. Our vision is to help florists all over New Zealand grow their business and for the country to be more colourful.